Macedonia: Gostivar Voice: local news in 4 languages

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Subject: Macedonia: Gostivar Voice: local news in 4 languages

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Macedonia: Gostivar Voice: local news in 4 languages

November issue of Gostivar Voice
Published by Inter-ethnic Project Gostivar

End of November the second issue of Gostivar Voice was published.

In this November issue the president of the City Council of Gostivar
states in an interview with Gostivar Voice that the municipality of
Gostivar can only pay 30 procent of its obligations for the year 2001.

There is a reportage about the new municipality of Srbinovo (used to
be part of Gostivar municipality) and about the library in Gostivar.
The director of the library complains about the little interest of the
citizens of Gostivar in the library. The NGO Mesecina and two cultural
organisations in Gostivar (Besa and Braka Ginoski) present themselves.

Citizens from Gostivar can also read about the opening of a
mini-cinema, a project by USAID to support the agricultural sector,
about FC Gostivar, etc.

Gostivar Voice is a local newspaper appearing every month in 4
different languages in 4 different issues: Macedonian, Albanian,
Turkish and Roma. The total number is 3.500 copies. Gostivar Voice is
made by a multi-ethnic team of young journalists from Gostivar.
Gostivar Voice is distributed for free.

The newspaper is published by Inter-ethnic Project Gostivar (IPG)
which is a local NGO based in Gostivar, Macedonia. IPG wants to
improve community life in Gostivar through a joint effort of all
nationalities in Gostivar. All activities by IPG have a multi-ethnic
character. IPG has a multi-ethnic staff, board and assembly.

Previous activities by IPG have been financial support for local
projects like:

Multi-ethnic handball school; business training for women;
multi-ethnic children centre; project for emancipation of handicapped
people; high school students from different nationalities represented
Gostivar in a youth conference in Bratislava; local organisations
(Albanian and Macedonian) changed a garbage belt at the banks of the
river Vardar into a park with grass, trees and benches. This last
project was implemented by unemployed ethnic Macedonian and ethnic
Albanian workers and by inter-ethnic teams of school children.

IPG financed humanitarian aid to refugees from all nationalities who
were staying in Gostivar. This activity was organised by 5 local
Gostivar organisations from all nationalities.

IPG is supported by the Dutch Interchurch Peace Council (IKV) and by
the Dutch donors Hivos and Novib. For Gostivar Voice IPG received
additional support from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Skopje.

Inter-ethnic Project Gostivar
Goce Delcev 66
Post Fah 150
1230 Gostivar
Tel  +389 42 221 970
Fax +389 42 221 971

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