Report on Human Rights Center of Moldova

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Subject: Report on Human Rights Center of Moldova

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Report on Human Rights Center of Moldova

Please receive attached the Report on Human Rights Center of Moldova.

The Report Summary is:

The Report states the overall unsatisfactory performance of the Center
for Human Rights – the only human rights specialized public
institution in the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, relevant
improvements badly needed if the Center to maintain legitimacy, its
positive meaning and potential asset in the public eyes of the
Moldovan society.

The parliamentary commission on human rights has shown little, if any,
public interest contributing to the improvement of the Center overall
performance and dealing with herein mentioned drawbacks.

The Center most importantly lacks a clear, exact and narrowly defined
mission. The vagueness of the relevant legal framework of the Center
and incapacity of the Center to develop it are the reasons.

The Center fails to identify and focus on the priority critical human
rights issues measurable to the capacity of the Center.

The Center lacks the institutional capacity to develop the problem
solution-oriented approach in dealing with identified priority human
rights critical issues in Moldova.

The Center has established a rigid internal organizational structure
that fails to react and address the priority issues and handle the
priority issues and problems.

The Center professional institutional and individual human rights
competence remains a questionable issue in the Moldovan society and in
human rights community.

The Center has failed to gain people’s trust and positive attitude of
the Center commitment and dedication for human rights work building on
the independent human rights position with regard to the human rights

The Center has failed to become the independent consolidating body of
the all human rights initiatives to streamline the human rights agenda
of the Government, provide human rights perspective of the public
decisions and develop strategies and actions needed for the prevention
of human rights concerns and situations.

Should you have any further questions I will be happy to answer them.

Best regards
Serghei Ostaf

Advocacy and Development Director

Moldovan Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

53 "B" Banulescu-Bodoni Str.,
MD2012, Chisinau, Moldova,
tel/fax (373 2) 222 618, 227 396, 222 844
direct line: (373 2) 212 816, 212 819, 212 822 (ext 105)

>From the moderator: The full text of the report (appr.400 Kb in .pdf)
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