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April 2010

Welcome to the Minority Rights Group International (MRG) email bulletin.
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Special Report

Sudan and Russia are major risers in ‘Peoples under Threat’ 2010

Today Minority Rights Group launch Peoples under Threat - the
internationally acclaimed global ranking of countries where people are
most under threat from genocide, mass killings and/or systematic violent
repression. The media launch took place this morning in Nairobi.

Sudan, Russia and the Philippines are this year's top three major
risers. MRG says that the list of states that have risen most
prominently in the table this year are those which have all been the
scene of past mass violence, and whose fall down the risk register in
recent years has now suddenly been reversed - putting the lives of tens
of thousands under threat.

To read more, see the full Global press release
<http://www.minorityrights.org/?lid=9889&bid=115>, Africa regional press
release <http://www.minorityrights.org/?lid=9845&bid=115> or the full
(includes downloadable briefing and table).


Many obstacles for Sudan’s smaller communities ahead of key elections

Violence and bureaucracy are likely to prevent smaller communities from
casting their vote in the weekend elections in Sudan. While the
opposition boycott has grabbed headlines, issues facing smaller
communities, including incidents of continuing violence, have been
missed out. Read more:

Violence directed at Iraqi minorities marred poll

Iraq's ethnic and religious communities are awaiting the results of the
country's most important election since the US-led invasion and one that
was also marred by violence and targeted attacks against minorities. As
polling closed on Sunday, Qussay Abbas, a Shabak member of the
Provincial Council was gunned down by insurgents in Mosul, Iraqi
Minorities Organisation (IMO) said in a statement. 
Read more:

Bolivia to host alternative climate conference next week

The Bolivian President Evo Morales is next week expected to officially
open the First World Conference of the People on Climate Change and the
Rights of Mother Earth <http://pwccc.wordpress.com/>, to coincide with
the UN-declared International Day of Mother Earth. The conference can be
expected to galvanize the attention and energy of minority and
indigenous peoples’ rights activists throughout the region. 
Read more:

Roma demand change on International Roma Day

Thousands of Roma in Europe are deprived of their fundamental rights,
marginalised and not given an opportunity for a better life, Minority
Rights Group International (MRG) says in a statement to mark
International Roma Day. MRG says that growing prejudice and
discrimination is reflected in an increasing number of hate crimes. 
Read more:

Water in abundance but not where needed

Torrential rains and heavy flooding in Southern Peru at the end of
January affected over 40,000 people and prompted dramatic helicopter
rescues of some 4,000 tourists stranded near the Inca ruins of Machu
Picchu. In other parts of the country however, it is an acute shortage
of water that is causing great concern. 
Read more:

Justice and security needed for Bangladesh’s indigenous Jumma people

After a series of violent attacks against Bangladesh's Jumma indigenous
people, residents are rebuilding their destroyed homes and mourning the
deaths and injuries of members of their community. The attacks on 14
Jumma villages on 19 and 20 February were only the latest in a long
campaign of violence against the Jumma. 
Read more:

VoteGlobal – Make the UK elections count for the world’s poor

MRG has put its signature down in support of the following petition.
If you are interested in doing so please go to

MRG Blog

Brick Lane: Merging cultures in an urban context

Hannah Kaplan, an MRG intern of Jewish-American descent tours London’s
Brick Lane to discover how minority identity and culture plays out in an
urban context...the tour comes ahead of plans to build two archways
resembling the shape of a Muslim head scarf at the entrance to the
popular East London neighbourhood. 
Read more:

Happy Anniversary! – Celebrating 40 years of MRG

Demetri Lowe, an MRG intern who was among the attendants at the
organisation’s 40th anniversary in London takes a look at how the
organisation which began with only a small group of principled
journalists and activists became a well established leader in the global
fight against racial, religious and ethnic discrimination. 
Read more:

Meet Minority Rights Activists

Fakhria Ibrahimi
MRG's Media Officer, Emma Eastwood, spoke to Fakhria Ibrahimi, a Hazara
woman who has high hopes for her embattled country. 
Read more:


Landmark ruling on indigenous land rights before the African Commission
on Human and Peoples Rights: a victory at the expense of wildlife

In the early 1970s, the Endorois community was forcibly displaced,
without adequate consultation or compensation, for the creation of a
wildlife reserve. In a landmark decision released in February 2010, the
African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) delivered its
first ruling recognising an indigenous community’s rights to its
ancestral land and natural resources. It is also the first case globally
to adjudicate on the right to development.

Minority Rights Group International and A4ID have convened a panel that
will provide an overview of the arguments presented before the African
Commission, its findings and their implications. The panel will consist
of the three lawyers serving as co-counsel in the case - Clive Baldwin,
Cynthia Morel and Korir Singoei, as well as Margot Salomon, an
international expert on the right to development. The panel will be
moderated by Kevin Boyle, Chairperson of Minority Rights Group
International’s board.

Date: Tonight, 27 April 2010 at 6pm
Location: Reed Smith, The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London,
Registration: Those wishing to attend are invited to register at the
following address: http://mrga4id.eventbrite.com 

MRG in the News
A selection of MRG's news coverage over the past month

Refugee camp is icon of past and present African crises

"Please help me," said a desperate-looking woman coming towards me. "I
have been raped and beaten several times in this camp but no one seems
to hear me out," added the woman, Maria Mutetsi. 
Read more:

Kenia: Ilegal la expulsion de una tribu de Kenia de su tierra

Survival, 19 de febrero. - Historico fallo judicial considera ilegal la
expulsion de una tribu de Kenia de su tierra. 
Read more:

Mauritius: UK Chagos Support Association March update

On March 10th MPs discussed the Chagos islands as the subject of a
Westminster Hall debate, with the overwhelming message from
parliamentarians being that the Government should resolve its legal
dispute with the Chagossians and restore their right to return. 
Read more:


Forthcoming Titles

Minority Rights Group is currently editing reports on minorities in
Somalia, Batwa women in Africa’s Great Lakes region and Poverty
Reduction Strategies. Our acclaimed Peoples Under Threat rankings table
of countries where minorities are most under threat of mass killing will
be published in April whilst our flagship annual State of the World's
Minorities, which this year focuses on religious minorities, will hit
the bookshelves in June. For details of all of MRG's publications visit
our website: http://www.minorityrights.org/publications .


World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples

The World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples covers 220 of
the world's countries and dependent territories, and features profiles
of about 700 minorities/indigenous peoples and is an excellent one-stop
shop for journalists, academics, researchers, policy makers and

Jobs and Internships

Fundraising Intern

Minority Rights Group is looking for an intern to work in its
fundraising department. You will undertake a variety of tasks including
donor research, filing, updating partner information on MRG's database,
liaising with local partner NGOs, drafting letters to potential donors
and assisting with statutory funding proposals. 
Read more:

Conflict Prevention Programmes Assistant - Temporary Part Time

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is looking to recruit a
Temporary Part-Time staff member for a period of up to six months
(mid-May to mid-November). The candidate must be available to start
immediately. This is to support our programmes focusing on conflict
prevention as well as some communications work. 
Read more:

MRG frequently recruits new staff and interns who support our work.
Please see our website for more information: