MINELRES: Training for persons providing legal assistance to Roma and Traveller Communities - POSTPONED

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Thu May 13 20:25:41 2010

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Please note that due to the hearing in the Grande Chamber of the V.C 
against Slovakia taking place on 7th September 2010, the Roma and
Travellers Division Secretariat has decided to postpone the training
originally planned for June to 6-7 September, so participants will be
able to assist this hearing.

Eleni Tsetsekou 
Migration and Roma Department 
Social Cohesion Directorate 
Council of Europe 
Tel: +33388412433 
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14th Study Session on the European Convention on Human Rights for
persons providing legal assistance to Roma and Traveller Communities

The Council of Europe Roma and Travellers Division and the European Roma
Rights Centre (ERRC) will organise the 14th study session for persons
involved in providing legal assistance to Roma and Traveller
communities, from 6 to 7 September 2010 in Strasbourg.

The study session aims at providing participants with practical examples
on how to use the Council of Europe Human Rights Convention in defence
pleadings in favour of Roma and Traveller communities:

The session involves:  

 Training and lectures on relevant articles and procedure of the
European Convention on Human Rights;
 practical information on how to submit an application to the European
Court of Human Rights;
 a moot trial exercise.

The study session is led by judges and lawyers from the Registry of the
European Court of Human Rights, ERRC lawyers and experienced external

Participants should be practising lawyers involved in defending Roma and
Travellers cases in any of the Council of Europe member states.

The working language will be English and the Council of Europe will
cover travelling and subsistence costs.
A motivation letter together with a CV in English should reach the
Council of Europe Secretariat before 31 May 2010.

Contact person:

Ms Eleni Tsetsekou  
Migration and Roma Department
Council of Europe
F - 67075 Strasbourg cedex
Fax: +33 3 88 41 27 31

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