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Tue May 11 18:26:33 2010

Original sender: Civil Society Unit OHCHR <civilsocietyunit@ohchr.org>

Dear All, 

1. The Civil Society Section of OHCHR invites you to update your
organization's contact and profile information by clicking on this

You will be taken to a page where you will be asked to provide your
email address, will receive an email with a link to the subscription
page, and then asked to complete your contact and profile information,
as well as indicate the kinds of information you prefer to receive from
**** Please take a few minutes to subscribe because only the contact
information received through this system will be used to communicate
with you in the future. **** 

Thank you for helping us stay in touch on what matters most to you. 

This initiative follows surveys carried out earlier on how to improve
our services, including our communications to civil society.  We would
like to thank all those who responded and who gave us helpful advice. 

2. An additional element of our communications strategy includes a
redesign of the Civil Society webpage, with a simpler and clearer
format, intended to provide easy links to most sought after information: 


For those of you who have not had yet had an opportunity, you are
invited to download or share with others the Handbook for Civil Society,
available at the link above. 

3. Finally, we would like to introduce to you the Civil Society Network
website of the United Nations Secretariat, CSO Net, a virtual community
for all civil society actors to sign up to (i.e. those with or without
ECOSOC consultative status; working in human rights and other areas of
work of the United Nations) information on news, calendar of meetings,
best practices, an NGO database, and other resources. We invite you to
make the most of it: 


Your feedback is always welcome. 

With best regards from the Civil Society Section 

Best regards, 

OHCHR Civil Society Section

Visit the Civil Society home page:

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