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For diversity - Against discrimination 


Second European Summit on Roma inclusion 

The second European Summit on Roma inclusion took place in Cordoba
(Spain), on the 8th and 9th April 2010, on the occasion of the
International Roma Day, as a key event of the Spanish Presidency of the
Council. As main inputs from the Commission feeding the discussions at
the Summit, two very important and far-reaching policy documents at EU
level were released on 7th April 2010: the Commission Communication on
the social and economic integration of Roma in Europe, COM(2010)133; the
Commission Staff Working Document on the implementation of the EU
instruments and policies for Roma inclusion 2008-2010 (Progress Report),

At the end of the Summit, the Trio of the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian
Presidencies adopted a joint statement which highlighted their
commitment for: mainstreaming Roma issues into all relevant policies,
designing a roadmap for the activities of the European Platform for Roma
inclusion, and ensuring the effective use of the EU Structural Funds for
supporting Roma inclusion. 


Successful project in Austria: Positive action as a strategy for the
fight against discriminations 

Within the framework of the EU PROGRESS programme supporting national
activities for the detection of good practice in fighting discrimination
and the promotion of equality the Ludwig Boltzmann society - institute
for human rights (BIM), Vienna has published a manual (in German) about
the practical implementation of measures for the fight against
structural discriminations and for supporting equality. 
The manual contains an overview of the legal basic conditions of
positive action in the Austrian and European context, presents
approaches of definition and mentions delimitation questions, in order
to create more stability for the concrete implementation of positive

Successful project in the UK: RADAR  The Royal Association for
Disability and Rehabilitation 

As part of the PROGRESS programme, which supports national activities
raising awareness of discrimination and promoting equality, the Royal
Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR) has published a
handbook and DVD in the UK on the Disability Equality Duty. This
legislative tool requires that public authorities actively promote the
equality of disabled people when carrying out their functions. It lays
down specific legal responsibilities, including the elimination of
discrimination and harassment and the need to take account of a disabled
person's disabilities. 

The handbook and DVD are entitled 'Lights, Camera, Action: Promoting
Disability Equality in the Public Sector' and responded to the need for
guidance for public authorities and disabled people on the
implementation and utility of the Disability Equality Duty in their
organisations. They provide examples of good practice in this respect.
Public Bodies now have an invaluable resource at their disposal to which
they can refer in seeking to understand their obligations under the
Duty. Disabled people can follow the guidance to enforce the Duty and
maximise the positive impact it can have in their workplace. 

In addition, RADAR has produced a document directed at EU level
organisations seeking to lobby for a similar public sector duty on
disability in their own Member State. It is entitled 'Beyond Good
Intentions' and is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian,
Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.. This document outlines the Duty and
discusses its impact on various sectors in the UK, with a view to
promoting the benefits of such a legal mechanism further afield. 


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