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News from the SOVA Center


April 2010. Monthly Summary -

In April 2010, at least 18 people, including 3 fatalities, became
victims of racist and neo-Nazi attacks. Beside Moscow (1 dead, 6
injured) and St. Petersburg (5 injured), incidents of violence were
recorded in Nizhny Novgorod (1 dead), Orel (1 dead, 1 injured), Saratov
(1 beaten), and Ryazan (2 beaten). In April 2009, 3 people were dead and
27 more beaten or injured. 


Alexander Verkhovsky, Olga Sibireva. Restrictions and Challenges Related
to Freedom of Conscience in Russia in 2009 -

The SOVA Center for Information and Analysis presents its fourth annual
report on the freedom of conscience in the Russian Federation. The goal
of this report is to identify major trends and problems in this sphere,
thus only the most significant and typical incidents are mentioned in
this analysis.


Voice of Beslan Appeal Found Extremist -

On April 22, 2010, it became known that the appeal aˆ?To all who
sympathize with the victims of Beslan terrorist attackaˆ™ by Voice of
Beslan was after all blacklisted as extremist. Voice of Beslan is a
grassroots non-governmental organization appeared in the aftermath of
the 2004 North Ossetian Beslan school hostage crisis. 


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