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Summer School of Ethnicity and Migration Studies

The Summer School of Ethnicity and Migration Studies is a two-week
educational program covering topics connected with nationalism and
ethnicity, de-ethnization of the public sphere, migration and
integration analysis, approaches and policies. Topics connected to
de-construction of national myths, analyses of public policies
concerning minorities and discussions over desired migration policy
models form the core of the Summer school activities.  Through debates,
lectures and workshops, it presents a unique informal learning space for
student from the Central European countries and creates space for the
participants to get familiar with each other’s ideas and initiate
international cooperation. Lectures and workshops held by highly
qualified experts from the region will be complemented with topical
study trips. 

It starts to be obvious that issues of ethnicity are becoming even more
salient in 21st century than in previous ones. As the latest research
conducted by CVEK has shown, the young generation tends to be even more
radicalized mainly due to lack of public discussion, adequate education
and negative influence provided by the media. The Summer School of
Ethnicity and Migration might prove to be one of elements that will
secure coming to terms of effects of globalizations without serious

The Summer school of Ethnicity and Migration Studies is organized by the
Center for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture and co-organized by
Selye Janos University Komarno, Masaryk University Brno, Institute of
Public Affairs Warszawa, Multicultural Center Praha, Willa Decius
Krakow, and The Woolf Institute Cambridge. 

The Summer school will be organized around four modules, lasting 2,5
days each. Topics of particular modules will be changing each year
within the following modules: 

1st Modul:
De-construction of the term nation in Central Europe; 
Meanings of nationalism, ethnicity and identity in Central Europe; 
Processes of reconciliation between Central European countries. 

2nd Modul:
De-ethnization of the public sphere in Central European countries; 
Changes and pluralization of identities in globalized times; 
Conceptualization of post-national era. 

3rd Modul:
Insight into the migration studies in Central European region; 
Changes of migration patterns; 
Evaluation of migration and integration policies of Central European

4th Modul:
Integration of migrants and aliens in Central Europe; 
Migration and social cohesion in Central Europe; 
Changes of citizenship boundaries - citizenship and denizenship. 

Target group

The Summer School aims to create an alternative learning platform for
advanced studies for MA Students, PhD students, young researchers, young
public officials from countries of Central Europe - Slovakia, Czech
republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, and
Lithuania, as well as from countries of Eastern Europe and Balkans. The
working language of the School is English, so good communication skills
in English are essential. 

Want to apply?

This year the Summer School of Ethnicity and Migration Studies will take
place on 19th July – 1st August in Komarno, Slovak republic. Deadline
for submitting applications is 24 May 2010. 

Your application package should include:
• Application form duly filled and signed – Download: 
• Motivation letter (not more than one A4 format page)
• CV
• Recommendations*
*Recommendations from one person (from the academia) familiar with the
applicants work. Should be in English, printed on letterhead paper and
bear the signature of the issuer. No special envelope is needed;
recommendations should be simply attached to the application. 

Send your application by mail to: 

CVEK – Center for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture
Klariska 14 
811 03 Bratislava 
Slovak Republic
Moreover, an electronic copy of your application should be submitted to:

Accepted participants will be informed by 30 May; information will be
published on www.cvek.sk. 


Registration fee for successful candidates is 50 Euro. Costs of the
program, study material, field trips as well as accommodation and board
are covered by the organizer. Participants are responsible for their
travel costs and insurance. 

Download Application form for the Summer School on ethnicity and
migration studies here: 

Poster of the 1st edition of the Summer school of ethnicity and
migration studies here:

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