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The Managing Multiethnic Communities Program (MMCP) of the Local
Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, a network program of
the Open Society Institute-Budapest, seeks a part-time Research
Associate. The Research Associate will be based in Budapest and commence
work in June 2010. This position is ideal for advanced students and
independent researchers.

In order to respond to the needs of ethnically diverse societies
undergoing post-socialist transformations, the Local Government and
Public Service Reform Initiative of OSI-Budapest initiated MMCP as an
in-house project in November 1996. Through MMCP, LGI has played an
active and integral role in promoting good governance and contributing
to the OSI mission of social justice and the protection of rights for

MMCP engages in research, develops and implements training and education
programs, produces resources, and offers small grants. The Program
collaborates with governmental actors, international organizations,
academic and research institutions, as well as local civil society
partners. MMCP is active in Central and Eastern Europe and the former
Soviet Union, and beyond.

For more on the Managing Multiethnic Communities Program of LGI/OSI,
visit: http://lgi.osi.hu/documents.php?m_id=104

1. The Position:

The Research Associate will develop and implement a range of MMCP
activities, in cooperation with LGI Program Managers and LGI staff.
Her/his tasks include a mix of research, administrative, consultancy,
and managerial activities. The position is flexible and can be tailored
to the successful applicant's interests and areas of expertise.

Key Areas of Activity and Responsibilities for 2010 include, but are not
limited to:

a) MMCP activities on diversity and public administration higher
education (in partnership with Central European University),
* Coordination of workshops/short courses, including assistance with
course development (agenda, materials)
* Identification of potential partners
* Administrative support

b) General MMCP Support
* Preparation of regular newsletter (http://lgi.osi.hu/newsletters.php
<http://lgi.osi.hu/newsletters.php> )
* Management of MMCP webpages and on-line resources
* Management of MMCP alumni and grantee network
* Development and dissemination of press releases, calls for
application, and others information for dissemination
* Collaboration with other MMCP, LGI, and OSI initiatives
* Regular editing, proof-reading, and review tasks
* Desk research
* Review of submitted grant proposals and budgets

The Associate may also be asked to contribute to other MMCP activities,
including projects including on-going projects in Kyrgyzstan,
Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

2. Requirements

a) Education and knowledge
* University degree in public policy, political science, or related
* Good understanding of non-discrimination law, and international human
rights, minority human rights in the wider European region beyond
* Knowledge of major international organizations active the sphere of
diversity management
* Familiarity with issues of diversity  including, but not limited
to ethnic, linguistic, religious diversity  in post-socialist
Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and Central Asia
* Familiarity with governance and development issues in the region
* Familiarity with issues of Roma integration in Europe

b) Abilities and skills
* Sensitivity to working on issues of diversity
* Strong analytical and research skills
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills, particularly written
* Fluency or near-native proficiency in written and spoken English
* Strong organizational and management skills
* Ability to work independently and complete tasks with little oversight
* Ability to develop and manage project proposals and budgets
* Ability to prioritize work and respond quickly meet tight deadlines
* Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
* Computer literacy
* Ability and willingness to travel as required

c) Desirable
* Familiarity with the work and missions of MMCP, LGI, and OSI
* Work experience in an international organization or major research
* Work experience in CEE/FSU region, especially with NGOs
* Teaching/training experience
* Proficiency in at least one regional language (e.g Russian)

3. Payment and Benefits:

This is a consultancy position, with an expected workload of 20
hours/week. The position is based in Budapest, Hungary. In the case that
LGI/OSI cannot offer a Hungarian work permit, the successful applicant
should be prepared to find other sources of support. Health care, social
security, or other benefits cannot be provided. Applicants should expect
to be flexible with time and workspace.

The rate of payment will be commensurate with the final work package,
developed in collaboration with LGI Program Managers.

4. To Apply:

Applicants should send a letter of interest (up to 500 words) indicating
why they are ideally qualified for the position, a full CV, and a short
writing sample.

These materials (and any questions about this position) should be sent
to Meghan Simpson at LGIResearch@osi.hu <mailto:LGIResearch@osi.hu> .

Deadline: May 15,

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