MINELRES: News on ECMI: Participation in conference on new Danish appropriations law for minorities

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ECMI participates in conference on new Danish appropriations law for the
Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein

On 23 March 2010, the Danish Parliament unanimously adopted an
appropriations bill establishing by law the annual subsidies allocated
to the support of the Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein. The Law
which came into effect 1 April 2010 stipulates the beneficiaries and
procedures of the annual appropriation from the Danish state budget. 

In an effort to begin the correct and transparent implementation of the
new Law, the Danish Ministry of Education and the parliamentarian
committee tasked with the oversight of the Law hosted a two-day
conference 19 and 20 April 2010 at the University of Aarhus' conference
centre, Sandbjerg Gods near Sonderborg, Southern Denmark. ECMI Director
Dr. Tove H. Malloy participated in the conference and provided a
presentation on similar legal instruments adopted by European states. 

Information about the Law (nr. 287 of 29.3.2010) is available in Danish
on the homepage of the Danish Parliament at

Place and Date/Ort und Datum: Sonderborg, 19-20 April 2010 

Further information/Weitere Informationen: 
Tove Malloy:

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