MINELRES: "Multinational Georgia": Propaganda of hate on the stage

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Propaganda of hate on the stage

There is performance in the the repertoire of the Tbilisi State Academic
Theater named Mardzhanishvili "Kakutsa Cholokashvili" staged by artistic
director Levan Tsuladze, which has caused astonishment among
representatives of ethnic minorities. 

In the play there are sayings foaming interethnic hatred, insulting
Russian, Armenian and Ossetian peoples. The following maxima are put
into the mouth of the character performing Head of the Tsarist secret
police: "We consciously settle Ossetians and Armenians in the inner
Georgia and deport Georgian Muslims to weaken the country, dividing it
in half." "We will destroy the Georgians, women and children, as Shah
Abbas, Tamerlane and other invaders did". 

Characters with Armenian names and surnames (for example, Kirakozov) are
shown as the traitors and provocateurs, responsible for killings of Ilya
Chavchavadze, national poet and publicist and  Shio Chitadze, Georgian
teacher, publicist and public activist as well as bloodshed of Georgian
princes during sovietization. First, it is a violation of historical
truth (known, for example, that Ilia Chavchavadze was killed by
Berbichashvili on orders of the Georgian Social-Democrats). Secondly, it
is impossible to divide the people of Georgia on the "good"
representatives of the titular nation and "bad" representatives of
national minorities. 

Unlike Mardzhanishvili Theater Performance of similar topic "George
Mazniashvili", reflecting the same epoch, which awakens in the audience
a sense of patriotism and pride for their homeland, play "Kakutsa
Cholokashvili" contains statements offensive to minority

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