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Dear all,

Please do not reply to me, but follow the instructions below.

Dear all,

Kindly be informed that OHCHR (the Office of the UN High Commissioner on
Human Rights) has announced the 2011 Minority Fellowship Programme for
persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic
minorities. The Programme gives fellows an opportunity to gain knowledge
on the UN system and mechanisms dealing with international human rights
in general and minority rights in particular. It is intended to assist
organizations and communities in protecting and promoting the rights of
minorities the fellows belong to. 

The Programme in English (a version in Arabic is available too) lasts 3
months. It invites members of minorities nominated by their
organizations or communities, who have good command of English and are
preferably of age 25-35. It will take place in Geneva from April - June
2011. The cost of travel, modes accommodation and other cost of living
are covered. The deadline for application is 3 May 2010. The application
form and all other details are found at


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