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News from the SOVA-Center


The Case of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova -
We offer to your attention a summary of the case of Nikita Tikhoniov and
Eygenia Khasis who have been arrested as suspects for the murder of
Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova.


Galina Kozhevnikova. Under the Sign of Political Terror. Radical
Nationalism and Efforts to Counteract It in 2009. Edited by Alexander
Verkhovsky - http://xeno.sova-center.ru/6BA2468/6BB4208/E7F0971

We publish our annual report on radical nationalism and counteraction to
it ins 2009. As usual, the report is based on the results of the SOVA
Center daily monitoring.


Antifascist from Rostov-on-Don receives a warning about extremism -

The prosecutor's office in Rostov-on-Don issued a warning about
extremist activity to Konstantin Baranov, the author of the report on
xenophobia and discrimination in the region ('Xenophobia and
Discrimination in the Rostov Region in 2008. A Report on the Results of
Human Rights Monitoring'). The warning has been received on February19th
though it is dated February 9th.



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