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Diasporas and Cosmopolitanism in Central and Eastern Europe: From Theory
to Practice

School of Slavonic and East European Studies
University College London
18th  19th September 2010

Since its inception, the study of diasporas has provided an insightful
and interdisciplinary forum for the research of social identities and
divisions within society. This conference aims to explore the notion of
cosmopolitanism as a means to explain identity choices, outlooks,
everyday experiences and political practices. How do cosmopolitan ideas,
narratives and values shape everyday experiences and practices among
diasporic communities living in Central and Eastern Europe? How do they
make sense of their identities and social encounters in ways that can be
viewed `cosmopolitan'?

We solicit papers which address these and other related questions from
scholars working in a variety of disciplines, including political
science, history, sociology, cultural studies and anthropology. Papers
attempting to link theoretical and empirical insights and papers
emphasising speculative analysis and lived experience are particularly
welcomed. Papers may also address one or more of the following themes:

theoretical conceptualisations of diaspora and cosmopolitanism in CE and
EE / cosmopolitan mobilities / diasporic memory, homeland and the
symbolic politics of immigration / cosmopolitanism as a type of
particularistic and exclusionary identity politics / cosmopolitanism and
everyday experiences of nationality, citizenship, friendships and
networks / religion and cosmopolitanism / tolerance / multicultural
communities / cosmopolitanism, diaspora and gender/ cosmopolitanism and
diaspora media representations / cosmopolitanism and diasporic youth
cultures/ everyday leisure, culture and tastes / consumption / diasporic
politics and engagement.

Abstracts of not more than 250 words should be sent to the conference
organiser, Dr Ulrike Ziemer (CEELBAS, SSEES, UCL) at
u.ziemer@ssees.ucl.ac.uk by Friday 2nd April 2010.

Keynote Speaker:
Professor Rogers Brubaker (UCLA)


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