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The ECMI Enriched Links Database

This database, available on the internet at http://www.ecmi.de/elinks/,
has been referred to by outside experts as a highly useful reference
tool for researchers. 

These links have been carefully selected and are monitored regularly to
ensure quality and timeliness. The links are enriched in the sense that
for each link, substantial information is provided as to the contents of
each link, including its institutional affiliations and whether or not
for example downloadable texts, statistics and government documents are
included. The Internet sources are listed in fourteen subject categories
for the convenience of the user. 

The following categories are available for users to search: Country
Information, General Minority Information, Constitutional and
Legislative Sources, General Human Rights sources, and Interethnic
Conflict Management. A free text keyword search is also possible.
Practitioners, politicians and academics, including students and
professors of international relations, conflict studies and cultural and
diversity studies are encouraged to use and contribute new websites to
the ECMI Enriched Links Database. 

Contact: William McKinney, phone: +49 461-1414970 or email

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