MINELRES: PMMG: Combating hate speech in media

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Mon Mar 8 17:43:41 2010

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Combating hate speech

Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” expresses its favor to the
statements of the editorial board of the show “Moment of Truth” aired
yesterday, on 4th of March 2010, in the Evening News of the Channel.
Editorial board apologized for the question which was posed to the one
of the guests of the show “Moment of Truth” (2d of March 2010), namely
“have you ever been ashamed of your Armenian roots?”.

Two days ago PMMG and representatives of the Armenian community of
Georgia protested against this accident of “hate speech” (for more
information please visit the following link:

We think that example of the TV Channel “Imedi” is very important for
other media outlets, as far as mass media should be socially responsible
and play one of the major roles in struggling with hate speech together
with civil society.

Public Movement Multinational

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