MINELRES: Press Release: ABTTF presented its study on the Media Law to international institutions and organizations

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ABTTF presented its study on the Media Law to international institutions
and organizations

On 7 January 2010, Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF)
prepared a study on Law 3592/2007 which is knows as Greek Media Law and
presented the related study to international institutions and
organizations. The National Radio and Television Council (ESR) issued a
precautionary recommendation based on the provisions of the related law
that Tele Radio 104.2 FM must broadcast 25 percent in Greek language. 

ABTTF: The law of media violates the right to freedom of expression and

The study presents freedom of expression and media as a fundamental
human right which should be protected and encouraged. In addition, the
study examines in detail, that provisions of Law 3592/2007 on „Media
Organizations Concentration and Licensing and Other Provisions“, which
was adopted on July 16, 2007, must be revised. Consequently, the law is
indicated as a violation of the right of freedom of expression and media
in general terms and especially for those local media organizations,
which operate in a smaller scale.  

Furthermore, the provision of the relevant law, which also applies to
regions with a minimum population of 100.000 people, and which
additionally regulates for radio owners to own a minimum capital of
100.00 Euros for those broadcasting news, and 60.000 Euros for those
broadcasting music,  makes it almost impossible for broadcasting radio
stations  in the poorest region of Greece, Western Thrace. Secondly it
is expressed in the study that the provision of the relevant law which
brings a requirement for radio stations whether they broadcast music or
news to make broadcasting for 24 hours, burdens additional costs for
small-scale radio stations. In violation of International Convention on
Civil and Political Rights, the requirements that the main broadcasting
language for radio stations must be Greek, and that a certain number of
full-term staff must be employed  presents a clear violation of the
freedom of media and expression of the Turkish Minority of Western

The decision on Tele Radio FM threatens the existence of minority media

ABTTF notes in the study that Law 3592/2007 has already had a negative
impact on local and small-scale media companies and that the law
threatens the existence of radio organizations belonging to the Western
Thrace Turkish Minority. As an example of this issue, the precautionary
recommendation for Tele Radio 104.2 FM issued on October 19, 2009 by the
National Radio and Television Council was explained in detail in the
study. Particularly attention was given to the Council’s expression that
if the recommendation was not taken into consideration the Council could
resort to tougher sanctions. 

In addition, the study notes that the relevant law has been explained in
detail in the 4th Country Report on Greece of the European Commission
against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI). ABTTF notes that the OSCE
Representative on the Freedom of Media already expressed his concerns on
the relevant law in 2007. Furthermore, ABTTF urges the Greek Government
to review Law 3592/2007 in accordance with international standards about
the free flow of information and media pluralism and ensure that the
diverse and pluralistic media environment is guaranteed in Greece.
Furthermore ABTTF requests support and invites relevant international
institutions and organizations to act immediately. 


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