MINELRES: ECMI Kosovo: Conference and Training on Minority Governance Best Practices

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ECMI Kosovo:  Kosovo Community Consultative Council: Conference and
Training on "Minority Governance Best Practices"
The training is designed to enhance the capacity of the Community
Consultative Council (CCC) to fulfill its tasks and activities according
to the "Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement and the
role of the CCC". The review of principles of European standards in
minority best practices and also problematic developments will be
provided, allowing the CCC to be informed and inspired for its own
activities and approaches towards implementation of minority rights in
Kosovo. The CCC and its oversight body ICO will be working on planning
of targeted activities for the CCC. The training is provided through the
German Embassy Kosovo grant to support CCC development and its
consultative capacity. 

Place and Date: Mavrovo, 14-16 December 2009

For further information, contact Ewa Chylinski, chylinski@ecmi.de or
Adrian Zeqiri,

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