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International Conference: ‘Ethno-Politics and Intervention in a
Globalized World’

Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies, University of Exeter, UK
27-30 June 2010
Call for Papers
A cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary conference exploring the role of
ethnicity and nationalism in the 21st century
Conference convenor: Professor Gareth Stansfield
Hardly a day goes by without a political or social manifestation of
ethnicity crossing the headlines of international and national news. The
conflict situations in Darfur, Iraq and Palestine; new state formations
in the Balkans; issues of multiculturalism and security in Western
cities; and the re-interpretation of historical memories and myths in
places as far apart as Cornwall and Central Asia simultaneously point to
the salience of ethnicity as a critical factor in today's complex world.
The Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies (EXCEPS) is an exciting
initiative which was established in 2007 following the award of a grant
by the Leverhulme Trust to the University of Exeter. EXCEPS examines the
role of ethnicity and nationalism in politics and conflict via a
multi-disciplinary approach that brings together academics and
practitioners from an array of fields. We will be holding our first
international conference from 27-30 June 2010.
Gareth Evans, former head of the International Crisis Group, will
provide the opening plenary. Other speakers include: 
Brendan O’Leary, University of Pennsylvania, USA;
Jennifer Medcalf, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK; 
Stefan Wolff, University of Nottingham, UK; 
Cindy Skach, Harvard University, USA; 
Rogelio Alonso, Universidad Juan Carlos Rey, Spain; 
Nina Glick Schiller, University of Manchester, UK; 
Jon Western, Mount Holyoke College, USA; 
Gabi Pieterberg, UCLA, USA; 
Richard Whitman, University of Bath, UK.
The conference will be organized around seven sub-themes covering
different aspects of the theme of ‘Ethno-Politics and Intervention in a
Globalized World’.

These sub-themes are:
- Foreign Intervention in Ethnic and Ethno-National Conflicts
- Regional Security Organisations and the Regulation of Violent
Ethno-Political Conflict
- Culture and Memory in Reconciliation Processes
- Questioning Ethno-Politics: Diasporic Political Cultures,
Subjectivities and Spaces
- Contemporary Issues in the Middle East
- Violent Radicalisation and Terrorism in the Ethno-Politicised World
- Mechanisms for Managing Ethnic Conflict: Secession, Autonomy,
For further information, please go to the EXCEPS conference website:
http://centres.exeter.ac.uk/exceps/events/conference.html . Any
questions can be directed to the sub-theme convenors. To submit a
proposal for a paper or a panel, please send an abstract of maximum 500
words to exceps-conference@exeter.ac.uk by 15 March 2010.
Please indicate clearly in your application which sub-theme you would
like it to be considered for. Successful applicants will be notified by
31 March 2010.

Best wishes, 

Dr Annemarie Peen Rodt, Research Fellow

Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies (EXCEPS)
Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Stocker Road, University of Exeter 
Exeter EX4 4ND, United Kingdom
Email: a.p.rodt@exeter.ac.uk



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