MINELRES: Conference "Tuning in to Diversity 2010" on 25 - 26 February 2010 in Budapest, Hungary

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Fri Feb 26 19:22:42 2010

Original sender: Ed Klute <E.Klute@miramedia.nl>

Dear all,

I herewith would like to inform you about our conference Tuning in to
Diversity 2010, which will take place on 25 - 26 February 2010 in
Budapest, Hungary. More details

Tuning in to Diversity 2010 is the launching event of the MEM –
Multicultural European in the Media project, which was awarded by the EU
Fundamental Rights and Citizenship program to follow-up the successful
MIM methodology – PSBs and NGOs working in parallel –
Tools/methodologies used in the frame of the MIM project will be adapted
to seven East and Central European countries and in three Northern
European countries and to the situation of minorities and immigrants
there. The Diversity Toolkit, training tool for PSBs professionals, is
already available, while the Diversity Toolkit for migrant/minority
organizations will be ready at the end of the MIM project (March 2010).
Those tools, together with the methodologies and good practices of the
MIM project, will form the basis for the implementation of the MEM
project’s training program and related events.

Project partners

Mira Media (NL), Multicultural Institute Prague (CZ), Peace Institute
(SI), Center for Independent Journalism (HU), Center for Independent
Journalism (RO), Media Development Center (BG), Association of
Ukrainians in Poland (PL), Sollentuna Foreningsrad (SE), Society of
Goodwill (SK), Media Watch (DK).

Best regards,
Ed Klute, director Mira Media

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