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Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity 
Volume 38
Issue 2

is now available online at informaworld (http://www.informaworld.com).


History writing and nation building in post-independence Tajikistan,
Pages 173 - 189
Authors: Helge Blakkisrud; Shahnoza Nozimova

Transnational networks and kin states: the Turkish minority in
Bulgaria, 1878A–1940, Pages 191 - 211
Author: Yonca KC¶ksal

Transnational spaces in national places: early activists in
German relations, Pages 213 - 226
Author: Annika Frieberg

Yugoslavism between the world wars: indecisive nation building, Pages
227 - 244
Author: Pieter Troch

What use was the election to us? Clientelism and political trust amongst
ethnic Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, Pages 245 - 263
Author: Brent Hierman

A“Spit and Sing, My YugoslaviaA”: New Partisans, social critique
and Bosnian poetics of the patriotic, Pages 265 - 289
Author: Dalibor MiA?ina


Omer Bartov, Erased: vanishing traces of Jewish Galicia in present-day
Ukraine, Pages 291 - 305
Authors: Steven Seegel; John Paul Himka; Wendy Lower; Myroslav
Shkandrij; Omer Bartov


BOOK REVIEWS, Pages 307 - 322
Authors: David R. Marples; Agata Dziewulska; David G. Haglund; Marlene
Laruelle; Kathleen M. Daley; Soeren Keil; Karl Cordell; Mario

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