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Newsletter "Religious Intolerance and Discrimination"

Table of Contents

New book on the legal status of religious minorities in the European

08 February 2010
Editor in chief: Willy FautrAŠ  
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Email: info@hrwf.net

On religious liberty in a democratic society
Aspects of law, religion and philosophy in constitutional theory and



Papers and Essays.

Ievgeniia Dodina
Protection of the Rights of Religious Organizations in Contemporary
Ukraine.  The Case of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Konstantin Berezhko
Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mass Media in the Ukraine in the Communistic
and Post-Soviet Period.

Wolfram Slupina
Problems Associated With Religious Freedom in the Commonwealth of
Independent States - As Shown by the Example of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Zoe Knox
Continuities in Soviet and Post-Soviet Religious Policy (With Particular
Reference to Jehovah's Witnesses).

Ringo Ringvee
Legal Aspects of the State-Church Relations in the Baltic States, and
the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Artur Artemyev
The Religious Situation in Today's Kazakhstan.

Katarzyna Stoklosa
The Franco Dictatorship and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Annegret Dirksen
The Hungarian Experience - Verious Developments of a Constitutional
Guarantee for Religious Freedom.

Hans-Hermann Dirksen
Moldova and Transnistria: Legal Aspects of a Changing Tolerance for
Religious Freedom.

Gerhard Besier
How to Understand Religious Freedom in Germany.

Derek H. Davis
Church qnd State in the Newly Emerging Democratic Orders of the Former
Soviet-Bloc System: The USA as a Case Model.

Reinhard Kohlhofer
The Austrian Law of Religious Communities and its Influence on Eastern
European Models of State-Church-Law.

Max Wornhard
Legal Challenges for Jehovah's Witnesses as a Religious Minority in a
Well Established Democracy Like Switzerland.

Willy Fautre
Religious Freedom Advocacy Opportunities at the European Parliament.

Book Reviews.



This 400-page book can be ordered at Lit Verlag either directly from the
homepage http://www.lit-verlag.de or by email vertrieb@lit-verlag.de

Religion - Staat - Gesellschaft, Journal for the Study of Beliefs and
Edited by Gerhard Besier and Hubert Seiwert in cooperation with James A.
Beckford, Massimo Introvigne, James T. Richardson, Richard Singelenberg,
Bassam Tibi, Hermann Weber 

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conscientious objectors to military service.   
Distribution of HRWF report "For South Korea Without Prisoners of
Conscience" to several members of the European Parliament (MEPs)
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