MINELRES: PMMG: Armenian Press not allowed into Georgia

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Mon Feb 15 18:48:02 2010

Original sender: Multinational Georgia <info@pmmg.org.ge>

Revenue Service Does Not Allow Armenian Press into Georgia

It has become the practice when the officers of the Customs Department
of the Revenue Service do not allow the Armenian language printed
products into Georgia. According to verbal explanations issued by the
customs officers such restrictions are imposed by Georgian legislation.  

However, it appears that there are no such legislative-normative
provisions in the existing law ("restrictions or/and prohibitions on the
exportation or importation of goods into and out of the customs
territory") prohibiting the import of printed media.

In view of the above "Public Movement Multinational Georgia" has
addressed the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance to obtain the
explanation why the printed products originated from Armenia are not
allowed to cross the Georgian customs

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