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EU Gender Equality Law publication  2009 version

The latest version of the EU gender equality law publication (available
in DE-EN-FR) is aimed at a broad and not necessarily legal public and
highlights the most important trends as well as difficulties in the
transposition of EU gender equality rules at national level.

Film: The jigsaw of identity  one person, many pieces

The film which was released on the occasion of the Equality Summit in
Stockholm (November 2009), is highlighting the values of a diverse
society by presenting three personalities and their identity in a world
of prejudices and stereotypes. 

New EU Roma website 

You want to know what the EU does for the Roma? We invite you to visit
the brand new EU Roma web portal: www.ec.europa.eu/roma .
The Roma web portal works as a central source to gather and present
information on Commission activities and funding supporting Roma
It also links to the NGOs and international organisations active in this
field. Finally, it provides updated information on the recent major
research and studies on Roma inclusion in Europe. 

Equalitynews is now on Facebook and LinkedIn!

We can now expand our networks of people interested in and/or
professionally involved with anti-discrimination issues. The social
media will also facilitate interaction with and between our readers on
the topics presented in Equalitynews.


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