MINELRES: CfP: Minority Politics within the Europe of Regions - Cluj, 17-20 June 2010

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Call for Papers

Conference on ‘Minority Politics within the Europe of Regions’ in
Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvar, Klausenburg), Romania.

The ECPR Standing Group on Federalism and Regionalism, together with the
Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania and the Romanian
Institute for Research on National Minorities (ISPMN), will organize an
international conference entitled ‘Minority Politics within the Europe
of Regions’ on 17-20 June 2010.

Within the European space, issues related to ethno-regionalism and the
legal status of national and ethnic minorities are covered by several
models, such as federalization, self-rule and autonomy. In the recent
decade these models and their consequences influencing European
architecture have been widely studied in all sorts of theoretical and
empirical frameworks. After the expansion of the EU with the Central and
Eastern European countries in 2004 and 2007, and with the coming
integration of the Western Balkans and possibly other states from
Eastern Europe, there has been a proliferation of multi-ethnic regions
and national and ethnic minority cases within or in the close vicinity
of the Union. Researchers and speakers from a broad spectrum of
scientific disciplines, including social and political sciences,
history, linguistics, law, economy and area studies will be invited to
present empirical and theoretical studies on the minority issue in the
European space. The organizers will especially welcome studies on
ethno-regionalist politics, as well as on institutional arrangements and
policies concerning national and ethnic minorities in the new Member
States and the Eastern parts of Europe.

The organizers will select 30 papers for presentation in the following
four panels:

(1) Ethno-regionalism in Europe – where the history of ethno-regionalism
in the old Member States of the Union and the present state of affairs
will be discussed

(2) Models of self-rule and autonomy with respect to national, ethnic
and linguistic minorities in the Union: this panel will address the
institutional solutions and rights benefiting minorities in old and new
Member States and the solutions that are provided form by the Union’s
transnational structure. 

(3) The historical and the present status of national and ethnic
minorities in Central and Eastern Europe – focusing on the historical,
social and economic and linguistic aspects of minorities’ situation

(4) Minority regimes at work – the implementation and the practical
consequences of the policies concerning national and ethnic minorities
in Central and Eastern Europe.

The deadline for submitting abstracts (300 words) is 28 February 2010.
Applicants will receive feedback on the acceptance of their paper by 10
March. Papers (5000-7000 words) must be submitted by 1 June 2010. The
organizers intend to publish the proceedings of the conference. 

The official language of the conference is English. In the case of
papers presented in other languages (e.g. Hungarian, Romanian)
simultaneous translation will be available.

Participants whose abstracts have been selected are expected to cover
travelling expenses only, the organizers will provide for food and
accommodation. Cluj-Napoca has excellent infrastructural facilities,
such as an international airport that can also be reached by low budget

Please send abstracts to both of the following e-mail addresses:
mineureg@ispmn.gov.ro, mineureg@sapientia.ro 

For further information, please visit http://kv.sapientia.ro/en/mineureg
or www.ispmn.gov.ro/en/mineureg.  

Conference organizers:

Klaus Detterbeck, University of Magdeburg, ECPR Standing Group on
Federalism and Regionalism
Istvan Horvath, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities,
Laszlo Maracz, University of Amsterdam
Marton Tonk, Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania,

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