MINELRES: Workshop: Incorporating Diversity into the Teaching of Public Administration

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Workshop: Incorporating Diversity into the Teaching of Public
Administration at Higher Education Institutions 
Topical Issues in Curriculum Development Session
Date: November 8-12, 2010
Location: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Deadline for applications: September 10, 2010 

Workshop Organizers:
Curriculum Resource Center (CRC), Central European University
Center for Policy Studies (CPS), Central European University
Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI), Open
Society Institute (OSI)

The accommodation of ethno-cultural diversity and other forms of
difference is central to good, stable democratic governance. Yet, few
courses equip future decision-makers with the awareness, knowledge, and
skills needed for a diversity-friendly public sector.

This Topical Issues in Curriculum Development Session provides
university-level teachers of public administration and related fields
(e.g political science, human rights, sociology, social work) with a
better understanding of the connections among ethno-cultural diversity,
public administration education, and good, democratic governance. The
workshop includes conceptual and practical sessions, during which
participants explore key concepts, challenges, and existing practices
related to the teaching of diversity issues, as well as teaching
methods, literature, and other resources needed in the classroom.

Participants will also clarify how public administration education or
institutions can provide a model of good diversity management.
Participants are encouraged to present and reflect on experiences from
their own teaching environments. 

This workshop is complemented by opportunities for continued learning
and professional support, including on-going mentoring, support for
visiting guest lecturers, and participation in short courses, as well as
resources provided by the Council of Europe, Minority Rights
Group-International, the European Academy (EURAC) in Bolzano/Bozen,
Italy, CPS, LGI/OSI, and other institutions.

To read more about this session, visit:

Applications should be submitted to the Curriculum Resource Center:

For information about previous Curriculum Development sessions
implemented by the CRC, CPS, and LGI/OSI, visit: 

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