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Sun Apr 11 13:02:01 2010

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Dear colleagues,

The Legal Information Centre for Human Rights is glad to inform you
about the new book “Chance to Survive: Minority Rights in Estonia and
Latvia” (ed. Vadim Poleshchuk). 

The study has been ordered by the Foundation for Historical Outlook to
the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights (Estonia) and the Latvian
Human Rights Committee. The objective of the book was to give the
broadest possible description of the situations in Estonia and Latvia
from the standpoint of the protection of minority rights and the
prevention of discrimination. 

The book provides basic statistical data on the living conditions of the
non-Estonian and non-Latvian populations, and surveys briefly the
policies of Estonia and Latvia in the sphere of ethnic relations,
migration, and the prevention of discrimination based on race, ethnic
origin, and religion. The authors also presented information on the
realisation of the civil and political rights of minorities (special
attention is paid to their participation in political and public
activities, their access to the judicial system and to certain basic
civil freedoms). The positions of minorities on the labour market and in
the educational systems are examined in more detail, and several other
aspects of the economic, cultural, and social rights situation are also

The book reflects the situation as of the early 2008 and supplies more
recent data as far as possible. The study is available online at:
http://www.lichr.ee/main/assets/L-3-eng.pdf .

Additional information: Vadim Poleshchuk, vadim@lichr.ee

With kind regards,

Legal Information Centre for Human

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