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ECMI participates in the 60th Political Studies Association Annual
Conference in Edinburgh, UK 29 March to 1st April 2010 

The creation of regional spaces for politics across national borders and
the role of national minorities in border regions is the theme of a
paper delivered by Dr. Tove H. Malloy, ECMI Director at the 60th
Political Studies Association Annual Conference "Sixty Years of
Political Studies: Achievements and Futures" from 29 March to 1 April
2010 in Edinburgh. The aspect of national minority in regional politics
is under-explored in regional studies, Dr. Malloy argues. Taking as
starting point the way in which regional and minority actors in the
Danish-German border region collectively mobilize to build cross-border
capacity, Dr. Malloy will discuss how regions as spaces for politics may
be de-linked from formal boundaries to embrace territorial hybridity and
de-territorialization of politics, and how national minorities in the
Danish-German border region have emerged as key actors contributing to
the construction anew of an "old" border region through politicization
of regional territory; re-framing ideologies of EU polity-building;
mobilization of intra-regional networks; usage of intra-state
territorial politics. Dr. Malloy's contribution is part of a panel on
regional politics which will appear as a Special Issue in the Journal
for Regional and Federal Studies later this year.

Place and Date: Edinburgh, 29 March - 01 April 2010

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