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It is our pleasure to announce the first edition of the
Not only in Europe, but all over the world local government faces
complex challenges that question its traditional status in multi-level
governance systems and indeed request a redefinition of its role. Engage
in an ongoing worldwide dialogue on the future of local government in
federal and regional systems!

A transnational project of the Institute for Studies on Federalism and
Regionalism, EURAC, Bolzano/Bozen (Italy), the Faculty of Law and the
School of Political Science and Sociology of the University of Innsbruck
(Austria). It takes place under the auspices of the Secretary General of
the Council of Europe. The Winter School analyzes the phenomena of
federalism, regionalism and multi-level governance from a legal and a
political science perspective. Every edition pays special attention to a
particular topic, which is approached
in detail by legal scholars, political scientists and practitioners. 
In the first edition in February 2010 the focus will be on the role of
local government in federal and regional systems. The programme
Multi-level-governance - local government in international,
supranational and comparative perspective - local self-government -
regional government - intergovernmental relations in compound systems - 
policies in multi-layered systems - fiscal federalism.
Participants will have the opportunity to present a working paper during
the Winter School. The best papers will be considered for publication.
1-5 FEBRUARY 2010 (week 1)
Faculty of Law and School of Political Science and Sociology,
Leopold-Franzens-UniversitÄt Innsbruck, Austria
8-12 FEBRUARY 2010 (week 2)
Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism,
European Academy Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC), Italy
Successful participants of the 10-day-programme are awarded 10 ECTS
credits (European Credit Transfer System). The working language is
The Winter School welcomes participants from all over the world:
*         Young researchers or academics with focus on comparative
*         Post-graduate or undergraduate students with basic knowledge
of federalism, multi-level governance and constitutional issues
*         Civil servants from a local, regional or national government
*         Employees of international organizations or NGOs dealing with
regional and local development
Applications will be accepted until 26 October 2009


Prof. Dr. Hermann-Josef Blanke (University of Erfurt, Germany)
Prof. Michael Burgess (University of Kent, United Kingdom)
Univ.-Doz. Dr. Peter BuújÄger (Land Vorarlberg and Institute of
Federalism, Austria)
Dr. Harald Eberhard (Constitutional Court of Austria, Vienna)
Prof. Dr. Gisela FÄrber (University of Public Administrative Sciences
Speyer, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Anna Gamper (University of Innsbruck) 
Prof. Chris Himsworth (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom) 
Dr. Andreas Kiefer (Land Salzburg, Austria)
Prof. Peter Leyland (London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom)
Prof. Dr. Francesco Palermo (European Academy Bolzano/Bozen and
University of Verona, Italy)
Prof. Dr. Simona Piattoni (University of Trento, Italy)
Prof. Nico Steytler (University of the Western Cape, South Africa)
Dr. Nenad Stojanovic (University of Zurich and European University
Institute, Fiesole, Italy)
BÈatrice Taulegne (Head, Forward Studies Unit, Committee of the Regions
of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium)
President DDr. Herwig van Staa (Land Tirol, Austria)
Dr. Jens Woelk (University of Trento and European Academy Bolzano/Bozen,
For further information about the Winter School and the application
procedure please visit www.eurac.edu/winterschool  
Paulina M. Borowska
email: winterschool@eurac.edu
Tel.    +39 0471 055 202
Fax     +39 0471 055 299


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