MINELRES: CfP: international conference on Romani mobilities in Europe, 14-15 January 2010

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Romani mobilities in Europe: multidisciplinary perspectives 

14-15 January 2010

Convened by Nando Sigona and Roger Zetter, Refugee Studies Centre,
University of Oxford

The Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) at the University of Oxford is
organizing an international conference on the theme of Romani mobilities
in Europe: multidisciplinary perspectives. The conference is part of
‘Mapping Romani mobilities in Europe’, a two-year research project
funded by the John Fell Oxford University Press Research Fund. The main
aim of the conference is to bring together scholars and students from
across a variety of disciplines to discuss the multiple dimensions and
impacts of Romani mobilities in Europe. 

We invite proposals for papers which investigate the variety and
directions of contemporary Romani mobilities into, out of and within the
EU and locate them in the broader political, social, historical and
cultural context. We welcome in particular proposals that focus on one
or more of the following areas: 

- Provide historical perspectives on policy and practice aimed at
governing Romani mobilities 
- Interrogate, through the Roma case, the concept and practice of
freedom of movement in the EU 
- Investigate broader demographic trends or specific migratory movements
of Roma in the EU 
- Explore the relationship between different legal statuses and patterns
and directions of Romani mobility 
- Explore Romani politics in the enlarged EU and the process of
Europeanisation of the Roma issue, looking in particular at
international NGOs, Roma elite and grassroots activism 
- Investigate the relationship between indigenous and long-established
Romani communities and newly arrived Roma migrants 
- Discuss continuities and discontinuities in public discourses and
social policies for Roma, Gypsies and Travellers in the EU 
- Explore settlement and resettlement issues in the context of
widespread anti-Gypsyism 
- Analyse the impacts of migration on identity and cultural production.

The conference will take place on 14-15 January 2010 and will feature a
range of plenary and panel sessions and a keynote lecture by Baroness
Nicholson of Winterbourne MEP.

Those wishing to present a paper are invited to submit an abstract (max
300 words) and a brief CV (max 150 words) to the conference organisers
by Friday 25th September 2009.

For full details see:

An online registration system will be accessible shortly. 

For paper proposals and further information regarding to the conference,
please email : Nando Sigona or call on +44(0)1865

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