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The University of Bologna together with the University of Graz, The New
Bulgarian University of Sofia and the University of Primorska are
launching a new International PhD Programme in "Diversity Management and 
Governance" leading to a Joint Degree.

The Programme in a nutshell

The three-year English-taught Programme offers specialized
interdisciplinary and comparative academic training in the study of
various forms of diversity, be it ethnic, cultural, linguistic,
regional, religious, social or sexual orientation, and its management.
Conflict prevention and management theories, reconstruction and 
reconciliation of divided societies after violent conflicts and
political tensions, integration policies and the establishment of good
governance throughout Europe are in focus in this Joint PhD Programme.

To ensure the students' highest mobility the Programme requires that PhD
Candidates spend at least two semesters in one of the partner

Scholarships & Grants

The Programme offers at least two study grants of about 13.600,00 Eur
per year to students applying at the University of Bologna. Moreover,
the University of Bologna guarantees enrolment to two students selected
among applicants holding a scholarship from their home government, the
Italian one or other Institutions. More grants will be made available
for students from the South-East of Europe within the framework of the
community Programme entitled Erasmus Mundus External Windows,
coordinated by the University of Graz, whose deadline is 29th October
2009. For details, see the web page in English on:                      

How to Apply

Interested students could apply for enrolment in the university of their
choice among the four partner universities; if the application is
successful the doctoral student must enrol in the university chosen for 
the application.
Beside the completed application form (to be expected by mid-October),
interested students must submit the following documents:

1. Research project structured with background, research presentation,
methodology, expected results
2. CV in English
3. Diploma/Degree Certificate (plus English translation)
4. Proof of knowledge of English (TOEFL or equivalent, diploma from a UK
or US university etc.)
5. Two letters of recommendation
6. Transcript of university records (plus English translation)

Further Information

A website fully devoted to the PhD Programme will be soon available on

For the time being, interested applicants could find other information 
at http://www.eurobalk.net under the sections: 

Additional information might be requested to Ms Dessislava Krasteva 


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