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October 2009 

Welcome to the Minority Rights Group International (MRG) email bulletin.
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Traditional community methods could provide solutions to conflicts in
East Africa

Greater use of traditional community based systems, such as elders’
arbitration councils, could help resolve long-standing conflicts between
communities in East Africa, Minority Rights Group International
demonstrates through its latest briefing on the conflict in Karamoja and
Teso in Uganda. 
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Ethnic reconciliation should be a priority for Afghanistan’s new

MAZAR-E-SHARIF - When the votes are finally counted from Afghanistan's
presidential and provincial elections, Murtaza Zewari hopes to gain a
seat on the provincial council in Balkh. If he does, reconciliation
between the country's ethnic minorities will be a priority for him. 
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Urgent action still needed to stop cycle of violence in Pakistan’s Swat

In Mingora, Pakistan, scores of bodies are turning up in the streets,
according to a recent New York Times article. Pakistan’s military
battled Taliban forces to retake control of Mingora, the capital of
Swat, and has held the city in a tight grip for the past two months.
Sources in the article suggested military involvement in the killings –
an accusation the military denies. 
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Kampala returns to normalcy after days of ethnic tension

Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, was calm on Monday following days of
ethnic tension and rioting that left at least 11 people killed last
week. MRG's Africa Regional Information Officer, Mohamed Matovu reports. 
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Afro-Peruvians take their case to the UN

Peru has garnered much international media attention recently over
violence during indigenous people's Amazon land rights protests.
However, largely unheard over the past several years are the simmering
complaints about systematic rights violations affecting another of
Peru's main ethnic groups: namely Afro-Peruvians. 
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Time for Justice for Hrant Dink, says MRG

As the latest hearing begins today, Minority Rights Group International
(MRG) urges the Turkish government to ensure an effective investigation
and a fair trial in the murder case of Hrant Dink. 
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MRG Blog

"Taking the Ogiek out of the Mau is like taking a fish out of water"
Chris Chapman, MRG's Head of Conflict Prevention meets with Kenya’s
hunter-gatherer Ogiek community who, in the face of a possible eviction,
are fighting to stay back on their traditional lands. 
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Courtroom hearing or courtroom drama?
The 10th hearing in the murder trial of the Armenian newspaper editor
Hrant Dink took place on the 6th July, in Istanbul. Dink was a popular
minority rights activist in Turkey and was assassinated in January 2007.
Ogun Samast, a 17-year-old Turkish nationalist, has confessed to his
murder. MRG's Nurcan Kaya reflects upon the theatrical display that
overshadowed the trial. 
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Breaking Turkey's Taboos
Rising nationalist sentiments in certain circles in Turkey has put
minorities in a vulnerable and compromising position. In Turkey
‘insulting the Turkish nation’ is a criminal offence. MRG’s Ara
Iskanderian speaks to a young Turkish human rights campaigner. 
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Minority Voices media training, Kampala 1-5 October, 2009

MRG’s media team conducted a five-day regional training for 18 minority
activists in Africa. Ten of the participants were working with minority
groups in Uganda but there were also representatives from Nigeria,
Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia and DRC. The participants were trained on
planning a media campaign, writing for the media, creating a website and
gathering and editing audio and video content. Stay tuned to MRG’s
website for blogs and other reports from the training.

Call for Participation - Promoting development in Europe: towards a
critical mass and beyond

A conference on the role of the civil society - campaigning for
International Development in New EU member states - will take place on
19-20 November 2009 in Budapest, Hungary.

The objective of this conference is to build the capacity of NGDOs, NGOs
and other stakeholders who have an interest in or link with development
issues and the Millennium Development Goals in the new EU member states
in order to:

* Raise public awareness in their countries about development issues in
developing countries
* Incorporate and/or campaign for the implementation of human
rights-based approaches in development work. 

For more information, and to apply, click here: