MINELRES: NGOs Underline The Failure Of Hungarian Authorities to Address Rising Number of Hate Crimes Against Roma

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NGOs Underline The Failure Of Hungarian Authorities to Address Rising
Number of Hate Crimes Against Roma  
Budapest, 8 May 2009: The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), the Legal
Defence Bureau for National and Ethnic Minorities (NEKI), and the
Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) released a report criticizing the
response of the Hungarian authorities to the murder of two Romani people
on 23 February 2009, in Tatarszentgyorgy, Hungary. In the brutal attack,
a Roma man and his four-year-old son were shot dead as they were trying
to escape from their house that had been fire-bombed moments before. 

The report noted numerous examples of official misconduct on the part of
police, fire fighters and emergency medical personnel. While some
internal disciplinary proceedings were initiated, two months later there
has been no information about the results. Moreover, no suspects have
been identified or apprehended in the murder. 

The report requests that the authorities: 

- disclose the results of all disciplinary actions against officials, and
clarify the steps they have taken to investigate the misconduct and
ensure that it does not recur in the future; 
- provide an update to the public regarding the investigation of the
- investigate the possibility of racist motivation in the crime and ensure
that law enforcement agencies receive appropriate training in addressing
racially motivated crimes according to international standards. 

The full text of the report is available at:  View it (Acrobat pdf

For further information, please contact: 

Judit Geller, ERRC, judit.geller@errc.org +36 1 413 2200 (English and
Marton Udvari, NEKI, udvari@neki.hu +36 1 303 8973 (English and
Andrea Pelle, TASZ, tasz@tasz.hu +36 1 209 0046 (Hungarian)


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