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Hammarberg: Comprehensive approach to equality is key to addressing the
'human rights challenge' presented by the economic crisis.  

12 May 2009  
Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe, has
endorsed the comprehensive approach to equality adopted in the
Declaration of Principles on Equality, as the solution to the ‘major
political and ideological challenge’ presented by the world economic

In his fortnightly ‘Viewpoints’ communique, Hammarberg – who has decades
of experience promoting human rights across the world – calls the
distinction between status-based discrimination and social injustice
‘artificial’, before going on to welcome the Declaration of Principles
on Equality for its comprehensive approach to equality.  

Mr Hammarberg was one of the 128 human rights experts from across the
world who drafted and signed the Declaration in October 2008.  His
comments yesterday signal the growing relevance of the Declaration in
the troubled economic and political climate. 

Writing about the Declaration, Thomas Hammarberg says: 

“[the] Declaration of Principles on Equality ... argues that both these
types of injustice must be tackled through a comprehensive approach." 

“[The Declaration] makes clear that equal treatment is not the same as
identical treatment. To realise full and effective equality it is
necessary to treat people differently according to their different
circumstances, to assert their equal worth and to enhance their
capabilities to participate in society as equals.” 

The Equal Rights Trust, the only international human rights organisation
devoted entirely to promoting the right to equality, has opened the
Declaration to further signatures through its VOTE FOR EQUALITY

Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director of The Equal Rights Trust said: 

“Mr Hammarberg’s comments are a welcome sign of the growing relevance of
the Declaration of Principles on Equality and the importance of our

“I would urge anyone with an interest in securing fair and equal
treatment for all to back our VOTE FOR EQUALITY campaign, by visiting
our website and endorsing the Declaration.” 

To VOTE FOR EQUALITY and sign the Declaration of Principles on Equality,

To read Thomas Hammarberg’s statement, click:

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