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For diversity - Against discrimination 

External evaluation of the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for
All (EYEO) 

The final report on the EYEO and its 4 accompanying thematic reports are
now available at:

This evaluation exercise was carried out by a consortium led by RambA?ll
Management, in partnership with EurA&#65533;val-C3E and Focus Consultancy. The
overall aim of this evaluation was to determine whether the EYEO was a
success both at the European level and at the level of the 30
Participant Countries. 
As part of the final evaluation report, four thematic reports were
produced, three of which to focus on three grounds of discrimination,
namely racial and ethnic origin, age and sexual orientation. The fourth
report addresses the way in which gender was mainstreamed across the
actions and activities, carried out respectively at national and EU

The final evaluation report and its four accompanying thematic reports
are based on information from 10 country case studies undertaken in the
following Participant Countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland,
Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom. 

Contact person: Brigitte Degen (Brigitte.Degen@ec.europa.eu) 

Calendar: One year to fight discrimination in your workplace 

Aimed at employees, this calendar highlights key European and
international days related to discrimination and provides every month a
practical suggestion of something people could do to help make their
workplace discrimination-free. It also includes details of where to go
for more information and advice. The calendar is part of the European
campaign "For diversity. Against discrimination" and available in all EU
languages at: http://www.stop-discrimination.info/5319.0.html

"Progressive Strategies for Equal Treatment for All" - Greece 

The recently completed programme entitled "Progressive strategies for
equal treatment for all. Social inclusion and equal access to the social
and health services for immigrants, refugees and the Roma living in
Greece" was implemented within the framework of the Community policies
and objectives pursued under the Progress funding programme. 

The Progress funding programme is aimed at mainstreaming equality and
non discrimination in the national healthcare and welfare policies.

The Greek project mainly focused on immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers
and the Roma, who are the principal victims of discrimination in Greece.
The aim of the project was to enhance, promote and improve the social
inclusion and integration of these groups, as well as the level of
healthcare accessible to them.

This was achieved by addressing the social and health services,
government representatives and local authorities, policy makers, the
media, NGOs and victims of discrimination on the importance of; 

- increasing awareness about the problems faced by immigrants, refugees
and the Roma concerning their access to health and social services and
developing strategies to tackle them
- developing networks of cooperation between relevant agents 
- spreading knowledge about equal treatment and social inclusion of the
Roma, refugees and immigrants, 
- developing a strong level of public awareness, understanding and
- stimulating the necessary trends towards an increase in public

The communication activities accompanying this programme resulted in an
effective promotion and awareness raising amongst the general public and
professional communities on discrimination issues. The emphasis was
placed on the benefits of cultural diversity as well as the need for
social integration and equal treatment of the target groups. 

The outcome of the project also noted that institutions are not passive
observers of the problem and are willing to contribute to eliminating
inequalities and discrimination in sensitive areas concerning health and
social solidarity. This asserts the value of projects implemented under
the PROGRESS programme and illustrated the need to undertake further
such actions and initiatives in the future. 

For more information, go to: http://www.ekka.org.gr/progresseng01.htm

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