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EDC/HRE (Volume V): Exploring Children's Rights - Nine short projects
for primary level (30/04/2007)

Children should know what rights they have, but they should also learn
how to appreciate and to use them. To achieve this, schools must allow
for a wide range of learning experiences in children's rights education.
Children understand and appreciate their rights by using them, both in
school and in everyday life. To encourage children to do so, the
challenge for the teacher is to create a setting that is governed by the
spirit of democracy and human rights. This manual has been designed for
teachers who are looking for tools to teach children's rights to
students at primary schools. The features of this manual include: - Nine
small projects of four lessons each, for students in their first nine
years of school. - Detailed lesson instructions that can be followed by
beginners or used in teacher training. - A lesson plan including the key
questions and key tasks in each at the beginning of each project
description. - An approach of task-based learning, focusing on problem
solving and learning by example, which supports the pupils in conceptual
learning, skills training and the development of values and attitudes. -
Following the key principles of Education for Democratic Citizenship
(EDC), methods and setting of open and co-operative learning support the
message of content and principles in children's rights learning.
(Learning through, about and for children's rights.) - A tool to support
reflection and discussion in class (see below). - A section on materials
for teaching and further studies in children's rights.     

Author(s): Rolf Gollob / Peter Krapf
ISBN:   978-92-871-6089-8 
Format:   A4 
No. of pages:   93 
Price:   15 Eur/ 23 USD 
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Learning and living democracy: Introducing quality assurance of
education for democratic citizenship in schools - Comparative study of
10 countries (20/02/2009)

This publication presents an overview, from international perspectives,
of the applicability and relevance of the Tool for Quality Assurance of
Education for Democratic Citizenship in Schools, published jointly by
UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the Centre for Educational Policies.
Based on 10 country reports, it examines quality assurance requirements
in the field of education for democratic citizenship (EDC) and compares
the specific evaluation systems in those countries. It also provides a
feasibility study on relevant conditions for implementing the Tool and
aims to serve as a set of orientation guidelines for policy makers, a
case study on implentation for researchers and a source book for
education practitioners.     

Author(s):   Edited by Hermann Josef Abs
ISBN:   978-92-871-6522-0 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   340 
Price:   39 Eur/ 78 USD 
    + 10% postage  

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