MINELRES: CfP: Conference on Applied Interculturality Research (cAIR10)

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Fri Mar 6 15:15:40 2009

Original sender: Simone Schumann <cair10@uni-graz.at>

Dear Sir or Madam, 

Thank you for publishing the Call for Papers of cAIR09 on your website
and/or send it to an appropriate email list. Please note that the dates
of the first conference on Applied Interculturality Research have
changed. The original dates were 16-19 September 2009 and the abstract
deadline was 15 February 2009. The new dates are 7-10 April 2010 and the
new abstract deadline is 31 August 2009. 

Since the conference will take place in 2010 rather than 2009, the
acronym has changed from cAIR09 to cAIR10, and the conference's internet
and email addresses have changed accordingly. 

Please find the revised call for papers here.

We would be grateful if you would replace the old information and
publish the link to the new Call for Papers
(www.uni-graz.at/fAIR/cAIR10) on your website and/or send it to an
appropriate email list.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Simone Schumann, co-director of cAIR10

On behalf of Prof. Richard Parncutt, director of cAIR10


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