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The Huffington Post. EXCLUSIVE: Russian Human Rights Activists Face
Spike In Death Threats -
We offer to your attention an article based on an interview with
Alexander Verkhovsky and Galina Kozhevnikova made by Diane Tucker, The
Huffington Post (Washington DC).


May, 2009. Monthly Summary -

In May, 2009, not less than 16 people, including 5 fatalities, became
victims of hate motivated violence. In all, from the beginning of the
year, there have been 141 victims of such attacks, including 30
fatalities (in 2008, in the same period of time, there were 307 victims,
including 66 fatalities).

Conference Papers and Other Documents

The SOVA Center's Talking Points for the EU/Russian Federation Human
Rights Consultations -

On May 25-26, 2009, in Brussels, the SOVA Center, as a part of a group
of Russian human rights NGOs, participated in the EU/Russian Federation
human rights consultations. We publish the talking points of the SOVA
Center representative. 


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