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EQUALITY IN ACTION – Spring Edition 2009 Out Now

The Spring 2009 edition of the European Commission’s on-line magazine
dedicated to Equality in Action is now available on the European
Commission website
The English version of the newsletter, now on-line, will shortly be
followed by French and German versions. A printed version will also be
available on request. 

This edition of ‘Equality in Action’ highlights some of the recent
events that took place throughout Europe in the field of inclusion and
equality for all. They include the latest seminar on Diversity and the
Media, held in Prague, and the latest conference on the Business Case
for Diversity. The newsletter also provides more information on the
recently established Governmental Expert Group in the field of
non-discrimination, and the Prague Seminar on Roma inclusion. 
FRANCE – Targeting Equality for Traveller Communities
HALDE <http://www.halde.fr/> (The French Equal Opportunities and
Anti-Discrimination Commission), has recently completed several
successful initiatives aimed at combating discrimination against
traveller communities. These initiatives were supported by the European
Commission PROGRESS programme;

• The recently completed project; ‘Discrimination concerning traveller
communities; the mobilisation of European and national law’, ran from
January 2008 to November 2008. The objective was to make people
belonging to travelling communities more aware about the discrimination
they are often subjected to and about the existing legislation. 

Halde’s legal services compiled a support document which was then used
by FNASAT <http://www.fnasat.asso.fr/> (Federation nationale des
associations solidaires d’action avec les Tsiganes et les Gens du
Voyage) during 5 regional network training sessions. In addition, a DVD
elaborating on the rights of individuals belonging to traveller
communities was produced, alongside an informative brochure. 

• HALDE also produced and disseminated two information brochures
targeting estate agents and landlords; a practical guide for real estate
professionals and a code of good conduct for landlords aiming at
discouraging discriminatory practices. These brochures contained
practical information to raise awareness on the fight against
discrimination and to combat the stereotypes that are often at the root
of discrimination. Under the European Commission PROGRESS programme,
this initiative ran for one year, closing in April 2008. The information
materials will continue to be disseminated by HALDE and its partner
organisations during the course of 2009. 

• During the period March 2007 to June 2008, HALDE produced and
disseminated a prevention of discrimination guide for Small and Medium
Enterprises (SMEs). The guide aimed at raising awareness on the
promotion of equality in the recruitment processes of SMEs. The guide
explains the legal context and gives information, advice and examples of
best practices in the area. The brochure will continue to be
disseminated by HALDE’s partner organisations during 2009. 

For more information on any of these initiatives, please visit
UK – Delivering an Integrated Equality Strategy  

Between December 2007 and November 2008, the UK’s Equality and Diversity
Forum (EDF) ran a varied programme of events targeted at the delivery of
an integrated equality strategy. These events brought together voluntary
organisations, service providers, lawyers, researchers and officials to
identify and share good practices. EDF also updated their website to
include up-to-date information in all aspects of equality and human
Furthermore, EDF was responsible for the dissemination of a regular
electronic newsletter on equality and diversity issues, monthly
networking meetings and the creation of a forum for voluntary
organisations. Under this programme, EDF also facilitated engagement
between the European Court of Human Rights (EHRC) and the voluntary
sector. EDF undertook research into good practices and organised three
parliamentary seminars to develop cross-party understanding and support
for progress on equality. 

This series of initiatives has enabled the NGO sector to play a major
and influential role in equality and diversity policies in the UK. 

For more information, please visit

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