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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Neo-fascists disrupt presentation of the first Greek-Macedonian
Dictionary in Athens 

The presentation of the first Greek-Macedonian dictionary was brutally
disrupted last night in Athens by a group of Greek ultra-nationalists
belonging to the neo-fascist organization “Hrissi Avgi” (Golden Dawn). 

UK issues third European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages

The UK has just issued its third report on its implementation of the
Council of Europe’s European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.
However, while it notes steady progress for the UK languages Welsh,
Cornish, Scots Gaelic, Manx, and Scots, full details on the
implementation of measures for Irish and Ulster Scots are absent pending
a supplementary report from the government of northern Ireland.. In
addition, the report is nearly a year late.

Ffred Ffrancis: all legislative powers for Welsh should be transferred
to National Assembly 

Ffred Ffransis, Cymdeithas Yr Iaith member and veteran Welsh language
campaigner, was released from Park Prison (Bridgend) on Wednesday
morning and today, the Welsh national assembly's legislative Committee
No5 presents its report on the legislative competence order (LCO) on
Welsh to the Welsh Assembly Government.

Valencian Catalan dispute: NGO and trade union to take court action 

The ongoing dispute over the Valencian government’s refusal to recognise
Valencian as Catalan, despite various court rulings, took a new turn
yesterday with the language NGO Accio Cultural del Pais Valencia  (ACPV)
and the trade union STEPV set to take Valencian Regional Minister Font
de Mora to court for not respecting the numerous court judgments  that
validate the unity of the language and legality of the name "Catalan".

Spanish conservative against EU level use of Catalan, Basque and

The Spanish conservative Partido Popular's (PP) lead candidate for
European elections, Jaime Mayor Oreja, has said that Catalan, Basque and
Galician should not be official in the EU. 

Welsh call for decision-making powers on language to be transferred to

Over 300 people attended a Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language
Society) demonstration outside Wales’ Assembly Government building in
Cardiff on Saturday 16 May - supporting the call to transfer
decision-making concerning the Welsh Language, from the British
Parliament in London, to the elected Assembly.

Over 20,000 people call for "the right to live their lives in Galician” 

Police sources said that 20,000 people took part in a demonstration in
Santiago de Compostela, the Galician capital city, on Sunday calling for
"the right to live their lives in Galician" (‘dereito a vivirmos en
galego’). Protesters called on the new Galician Government for a change
in linguistic policies.

Council of Europe: Sweden must do more for southern Sami language 

The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers published its third
report on the situation of regional languages in Sweden last week. The
report has been drawn up by a committee of independent experts (Comex)
which monitors the application of the European Charter for Regional or
Minority Languages. As part of the Report the Committee of Ministers
calls on the Swedish Government to take “resolute action in the field of
education to maintain southern Sami” which it notes is “particularly

Co-official languages used for European elections and at the European
Court of Justice 

The European election website has made some of its promotional material
available in Basque, Catalan and Galician, while the European Court of
Justice has announced that it will now be able to deal with
correspondence in the three languages.

Greece defies ECHR ruling and refuses to register Turkish organization 

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