MINELRES: New report on the War of the Monuments in Estonia

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Fri Jun 5 19:30:21 2009

Original sender: Vadim Poleshchuk <vadim@lichr.ee>


The Alands islands Peace Institute presents a new report in the report
series "repost from the Aland Islands Peace Institute". The report The
War of the Monuments in Estonia: the Challenges of History and the
Minority Population is written by the Estonian researcher Vadim
Poleshchuk and covers the overlap between on the one hand minority
issues and ethnic relations and on the other hand security concerns in
the aftermath of the so called ‘war of monuments’ in Estonia. For most
outsiders the importance of the issue became evident in the spring of
2007 when the controversy and the clashes around the Bronze Soldier in
Tallinn shocked parts of Estonian society and wider Europe.

Vadim Poleshchuk gives a lucid analysis of the diametrically different
interpretations given in Estonia with regard to the history of the
country, in particular as regards the Second World War.

He shows also how the controversy was used for political purposes by
several actors.


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