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Catalogue of Demands
to the new elected members of the European Parliament
from the European autochthonous, national minorities

Dear Member Organisation, Dear Representatives of Minorities in Europe,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

YEN's working group on politics is preparing a demand catalogue with the
aim of comprising demands of European minorities with focus on minority
rights. Between the 4 and 7 of June 2009 European Parliamentary
Elections were held in all the 27 Member States of the European Union.

The Union is a home of many politically active autochthonous, national
minorities, now more than ever in the history of European integration.
In order to make minorities visible and their political representation
more effective, the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) started the
project to gather opinions and demands of representative minority

In order to make the demand catalogue as complete as possible we kindly
ask you to send us your expectations, wants, needs you would like to
address to European politicians. The Youth of European Nationalities
will summarise the feedback and opinions it receives, and will compose a
democratically legitimised Catalogue of Demands after the European
parliamentary elections as a guideline for politicians, who would like
to be active in this field.

Basically, you are kindly asked to answer the question, how could the EU
contribute to your efforts on the field of minority politics, especially
in the following areas:
-       education
-       culture
-       multilingualism
-       media
-       youth
-       administration
-       financial support
-       antidiscrimination and equal opportunities
-       regional and/or economical development

You can get inspiration from the Charter for the autochthonous, national
minorities in Europe, which was adopted by YEN and FUEN in Bautzen in
the year 2006.

Please send your answers to we2eu@yeni.org until 1st September 2009.
Please, feel free to translate this call into your minority language or
into any other language and publish it in all possible and suitable
Thank you very much for your cooperation!

YEN Working Group for Politics

Daniel Hegedus
research fellow
Public Foundation on European
Comparative Minority Research
(+36) 70 215

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