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Call for Papers: Extremism and the Roma and Sinti in Europe: Challenges,
Risks and Responses
A conference and publication supported and funded by OSCE/ODIHR 
In past few years we have observed a rise in racism and xenophobia in
Europe. These find fertile ground in the economic crisis in which
populist, nationalist and extremist views gain public support. The gains
of the extreme right in the last elections to the European Parliament
vividly illustrate this. Such a turn concerns the international
community, policy makers, civil society and various minorities. They are
also troubled by a rise in aggressive incidents and violent acts against
Roma and Sinti populations in a number of European states. 
The current situation in this regard raises a number of questions: Are
the Roma and Sinti especially targeted by these forces or movements in
Europe? If so, why? Are we witnessing a resurgence of past patterns of
hate speech and violence or new forms  offering greater  political
returns for the extreme and marginal forces than they have managed to
In order to raise awareness of these issues and analyze the potential
threat to social stability and security the OSCE Office for Democratic
Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) together with University College
London intend to prepare a publication on this topic. We would,
therefore, like to invite scholars of diverse academic interests
specializations to provide analysis and case studies elaborating on the
following (non-exhaustive) list of issues for inclusion into this
- Anti-Roma racism and violence in Europe: forms and extent; causes of
current proliferation; 
- Public discourses, media representations and political campaigns in
periods of social distress and economic recession: what feeds the
extremist movements and the actions targeting Roma and Sinti? 
- Roma and Sinti in the local reality: decentralization, local
authorities, local politics and extremist views in the local community 
what leads to their radicalization? 
- Social cohesion, extremist movements and security concerns  do
current trends endanger the very fabric of society and democracy? In
what ways may they come to do so? 
- Legal and mainstream political responses to extremism: how far are
anti-discrimination legislation and campaigns and hate-crime legislation
effective in defusing or eliminating such attitudes and/or movements? 
- Roma and Sinti responses to extremism;
- The responsibility and role of state institutions, international
organizations and human rights civil organizations; possible measures
for combating extremist movements. 
You are invited to submit a paper abstract by 5th August 2009 (ten
lines-one page maximum outlining the conceptual contribution and its
empirical content, in English, submitted to m.stewart@ucl.ac.uk).
Michael Stewart and Andzrej Mirga will make a selection of the most
appropriate and stimulating of these by 10th August requesting the
selected authors to provide short papers (6 pages-20 maximum) by August
31 for pre-circulation for a conference at University College London,
scheduled for 10-11 September. Brief presentations allowing time for
significant discussion. The organizers/ODIHR aims to finalize
publication of these in a volume by the end of the year. 
All costs of transport and accommodation to and from the conference will
be covered by the OSCE/ODIHR.
Michael Stewart: m.stewart@ucl.ac.uk  (Roma Research Network)
Conference manager: 
Georgia Efremova:

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