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On the 9th of july 2009 the OSCE meeting
(http://www.osce.org/conferences/shdm2_2009.html) on freedom of
religious choice and freedom of opinion opened in Vienna. SOVA Center
for Information and analysis together with International Partnership for
Human Rights (IPHR) issued the following statement -
http://religion.sova-center.ru/publications/194EF5E/D3DAE1E .  



A New Book of the SOVA Center -

In July, 2009, the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis issued a new
book in English under the title Xenophobia, Freedom of Conscience and
Anti-Extremism in Russia in 2008: A collection of annual reports by the
SOVA Center for Information and Analysis; [Verkhovsky Alexander,
Kozhevnikova Galina, Sibireva Olga; translation I. Savelieva, S. Rock].:
SOVA Center, 2009. - 140 pp.: tables (Academic publication). 


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