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Call for Papers: Nationalities Papers

Nationalities Papers is the leading journal on nationalism, ethnicity,
ethnic conflict and national identity in Central Europe, the Balkans,
the former Soviet Union, the Caucasus, the Turkic world and Central
Eurasia. Furthermore, the journal also publishes contributions on
theories of nationalism, comparative studies of nationalism, and trans-
and supranational aspects of interethnic relations and national
identity. The journal publishes timely, high quality articles from a
variety of disciplines, including history, political science, sociology,
anthropology, and literature.

In 2009, Nationalities Papers has moved to six issues per year. Under
the leadership of a new editorial team, the journal will receive a
visual re-design in 2010 and launch a number of exciting new features,
such as book symposiums, state of the art articles and debates, and
special sections. In this context Nationalities Papers is soliciting
submissions from broad disciplinary and regional ranges. As part of
these changes, we are looking for innovative contributions in the field,
both in terms of new and ground-breaking research and theoretical
articles. Being a journal with an international editorial team and a
global readership, we are open to contributions from around the world.  

Nationalities Papers is the journal of the Association for the Study of
Nationalities (ASN), bringing together scholars worldwide working on
nationalism and ethnicity, Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and
Eurasia. For information on ASN and on its Annual World Convention,
please go to http://www.nationalities.org. The next ASN Convention will
take place on 15-17 April 2010 at Columbia University.

Submission of Articles

Nationalities Papers accepts submissions up to 10,000 words in length
from a multitude of disciplines on issues of nationalism and ethnicity,
focusing particularly on Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe,
Eurasia as well as theoretical contributions, on ethnicity, ethnic
conflict and nationality, not necessarily grounded in the geographical
areas usually covered by the journal.

For author's instructions, including citation rules, consult the
following website:

To submit an article please register and log in at:

For any queries regarding possible submissions or special section ideas
contact the editor in chief Florian Bieber at f.bieber@kent.ac.uk

All articles undergo a rigorous peer review, based on initial editor
screening and double-blind refereeing by a minimum of two anonymous

Book Reviews and Review Essays

Nationalities Papers publishes regular book reviews (800-1,000 words),
longer review essays on particular themes or topics (2,000-6,000 words)
and book symposiums with scholarly debates on important recent books.

Authors interested in proposing a review essay should contact the book
review editor Zsuzsa Csergo at csergo@queensu.ca to discuss their ideas.

If you are interested in writing book reviews for the journal, contact
the book review editor to be included in the book reviewer database.

We are looking forward hearing from you and reading your submissions,

Florian Bieber

Editor in Chief
Nationalities Papers


Dr. Florian Bieber
Lecturer in East European Politics
Politics and International Relations
University of Kent
Tel: +44 (1227) 82 75 84
Email: f.bieber@kent.ac.uk


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