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News from the SOVA Center


June 2009. Monthly Summary -

In June, 2009, according to our data, not less than 27 people, including
4 fatalities, became victims of racist and neo-Nazi violence. (In June,
2008, 1 person was killed and 20 injured.) In all, from the beginning of
the year 2009, not less than 36 people died and 147 were injured as a
result of such attacks. (In 2008, in the same period of time, not less
than 67 people died and 266 were injured.)


Russia Accepted Part of the UN Recommendations on Counteraction to
Xenophobia and Extremism -

On June 10, 2009, Russian Federation, at the 11th session of the UN
Human Rights Council, finished its report on Universal Periodic Review.
We publish a table with the UN recommendations and Russian responses
concerning issues of racism, xenophobia and extremism. 


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