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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

Highland capital set to be rocked by Celtic and Scots song contest 

This weekend Eden Court Theatre, Inbhir Nis (Inverness), will be a hive
of Celtic and Scots cultural activity with a number of events
celebrating new song-writing and developments in these lesser used, but
regenerating, languages. 

European elections 2009, new pro-linguistic diversity MEPs 

The European elections saw a mixed bag of results in terms of how the
new Parliament will be dealing with the issues faced by Europe’s
lesser-used language speakers and national minorities. On the plus side
the elections saw several MEPs elected who are proactive in their
support for lesser used languages and national minorities, on the
negative side activists will have to watch the right and far right MEPs
who have a record of denouncing national minorities.

Ireland and Brittany launch bilingual news sites 

Ireland and Brittany have both launched bilingual news websites. The new
Irish service Inside Ireland focuses on business and was officially
launched in Foras na Gaeilge’s offices in Dublin yesterday. The Breton
service Daktu is launched today in Lorient and will have the daily news
in Breton and French.

Celfeden: a Welsh project to unite artists and lesser used languages 

Celfeden is a new event which aims to unite artists, minority languages
and cultures while providing a unique opportunity to respond to Wales’
spiritual and cultural landscape through a range of artistic media.

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Ofis ar Brezhoneg celebrates tenth anniversary

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