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Workshop 14 / 11th Mediterranean Research Meeting (MRM)
Rethinking Interethnic Reconciliation in the Western Balkans: 
Minorities, Borders, Governance

Host: European University Institute (Florence).
Date: March 24-27, 2010.
Location: Montecatini Terme (near Florence).
Deadline for abstracts: July 15, 2009.
Bursaries: available.
Workshop directors: Antonija PetriA?uA?iA‡ 
(antonija.petricusic@uni-graz.at); Cyril Blondel (cyrblondel@yahoo.fr)

Resulting from ethnic mobilisation processes directed by local 
nationalistic leaders in the 1990s, ethnic conflicts in the Western 
Balkans have led to a fragmentation and a recomposition of territories 
and populations around some majority ethnos groups. Based on 
consociational and pragmatic assumption of bringing the war to an end, 
the International Community interventions that followed have also 
reinforced the ethnicisation of territories, societies and politics. 
While there is much research being conducted to highlight the limits of 
such an approach, there is still too little work devoted to the possible 
alternatives. Interstitial spaces between states, regions or 
neighbourhoods - being by nature territories of interethnic cohabitation 
- are still perceived as undefined, unstable and insecure in the Western 
Balkans. They may instead constitute the places for the emergence of 
shared experiences and memories in the respect of cultural and
opinions' differences, in other words, the places of interethnic

Thus, this workshop should serve as a platform for examining the 
empirical and theoretical research on approaches, politics and 
experiments aiming at facilitating interethnic reconciliation. Within 
the scope of the workshop, legal, political, social and spatial 
developments, such as cross-border initiatives, normatisation of 
minority rights and pursue of good governance shall be examined. The 
final aim of the workshop is to conclude if, as a result of above 
enumerated models for interethnic cooperation; new political and social 
dialogue is emerging in the Western Balkans.

For more details, please see 

There will be no registration fee. Most selected participants are 
eligible for a bursary. This will be a lump sum, unrelated to your 
actual costs, and fixed according to your country of 
residence/departure. Participants from Southeast Europe, Turkey and 
Middle Eastern countries will receive a lump sum of 550 Euros to cover 
their expenses (airfare, accommodation).
Participants from Western Europe, the USA and Canada will receive a lump 
sum of 130 Euros. Participants from within Italy are not eligible for a 
For details, please see 

Paper proposals must be submitted online before July 15, 2009. Abstracts 
of 500-1000 words are to be pasted in, CVs of max. 5 pages are to be 
uploaded to, the online form at http://www.rscas.org/medform.asp

July 15, 2009: deadline for submission of abstracts.
September 15, 2009: results of selection process announced.
January 15, 2010: deadline for submission of papers.


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