MINELRES: Job: Consultant, Making the Most of EU Funding for the Roma

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Original sender: OSI LGI <LGIResearch@osi.hu>

Deadline for applications: March 6, 2009

OSI seeks to select a Consultant to conduct needs assessment, design
mentorship methodology and provide mentorship support to four
Romania-based nongovernmental organizations who were awarded projects
for social inclusion of Roma under the EU Structural Funds. 

Tasks to be carried out by the contractor: 

OSI seeks to select a Consultant for the provision of the following

Needs Assessment and Risk Assessment 

The purpose of the needs assessment study is to assess the capacity of
the Beneficiaries to administer the Structural Funds projects. The
assessment includes at a minimum: i) financial management capacity; ii)
institutional capacity; iii) project team organization. 

The purpose of the risk assessment is to evaluate the risks for the
successful implementation of the project. The study should determine at
a minimum the probability of non-compliance with reporting requirements
and the threat of non-implementation due to cash flow problems.

Outputs: i) Report on the findings of the needs assessment study; ii)
Risk assessment report which details the risks for the implementation of
the projects arising from various factors (ex. the administrative
capacity of the implementers, the administrative environment in the
country, etc). 

Mentorship Methodology

On the basis of the Needs Assessment and Risk Assessment, the Consultant
shall propose to the OSI methodology and time-frame for the delivery of
the mentorship services. The methodology shall describe in detail the
type and quantity of services to be provided to the Beneficiaries. The
methodology shall include a risk management plan.

Outputs: A paper describing the mentorship methodology and a time-frame
for the delivery of the mentorship services. 

Mentorship Services

If OSI approves the Needs Assessment, Risk Assessment and Mentorship
Methodology, the Consultant will be offered a contract to provide
mentorship services to the Beneficiary. The purpose of the Mentorship is
to support the Beneficiary in the implementation of the contracts
awarded to it by the government of Romania as of the end of 2008.

In particular, the Consultant is expected to carry out the following:

- Provide on-the-spot consultation to the Beneficiaries during the
course of the implementation of the project; 
- Assist the Beneficiaries with the preparation of reports to the
Managing Authorities of the sectoral operational programs; 
- Arrange consultation meetings between the four Beneficiaries (or
specific personnel engaged by them in the implementation of the
- Provide ad hoc consultations on request by the Beneficiaries. 

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