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Project Manager - Making the Most of EU funding on the Western Balkans

The Open Society Institute (OSI) is a private operational and grant
making foundation which aims to shape public policy to promote
democratic and effective governance, human rights, and economic, legal
and social reforms. OSI was created in 1993 by investor and
philanthropist George Soros to support his foundations in Central and
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Those foundations were
established, starting in 1984, to help countries make the transition
from communism.. On a local level, OSI implements a range of initiatives
to support good governance, the rule of law, education, public health,
and independent media.. OSI has expanded the activities of the Soros
foundations network to other areas of the world where the transition to
democracy is of particular concern. The Soros foundations network
encompasses more than 60 countries, including the United States.

Responsible for the development, management and monitoring of the
interventions related to the Making the Most of EU funds for Roma
Inclusion on the Western Balkans with full technical and professional
responsibility for the program implementation.

Duties include:

- Building a network of NGOs and Roma professionals  (announcing calls
for tenders, applying a system of selecting National Partners)
- Coordinating the work of PGF and the National Partners (organizes and
assists the National Partners in the performance of their duties to
collect, process and disseminate information from governments and
supporting institutions)
- Collecting information from Decade Secretariat and PGFs anchors and
other sources; disseminate them through Internet and other means of
- Supporting the development and implementation of other interventions
under the "Making the Most" initiative and the work of the LGI Senior
Program Manager
- Reporting on program progress to LGI Senior Program Manager and the
PGF Board 
- Overviews the design and implementation of a PGF Website under LGI
- Representing and presenting PGF at conferences, workshops
- Participating in preparing strategic reports and advocacy
- Preparing materials for and reporting at Board meetings.
- Follow up and monitoring of National Partners' deadlines (Board
decisions, audit and monitoring results)
- In conjunction with the PGF Board, development of strategic goals and
program budget
- Overview PGF contracts and expenditures and affiliated administrative
processes, i.e. project coding, database requirements, etc.
- Oversees grant and contract payments according to OSI procurement
policy requirements
- Manage the national Partners' auditing process
- Organize PGF Board meetings and the affiliated advance preparations
- Liaise with other interventions under the "Making the Most" Initiative
- Reports to the PGF Board

Qualifications and skills:

- University degree (in a relevant area of study)
- Good understanding of EU programming and funding
- Good understanding and high level commitment to Roma inclusion and
social justice based development
- Knowledge of EU funding mechanisms and the role of various European
and national, regional and local level institutions
- Good knowledge of challenges of Roma inclusion
- Excellent connection with Roma networks in target countries
- Experience in working with Roma communities
- Work experience with pre-accession funds or other European funding
- Experience in managing similar scaled projects
- Experience in drafting policy advocacy papers
- Strategic thinking and leadership capacity necessary to reconcile a
variety of interests and to forge a goal oriented partnership between
key implementing partners
- Thorough understanding of OSI mission and the Decade of Roma Inclusion
- Ability to organize and monitor program related activities and staff
- Ability to represent OSI in its relations, and consult with central
and local government bodies or officials
- Excellent English oral and written communication skills
- Proficiency in Romani language and/or other languages spoken in target
- Full computer literacy
- Ability to work independently
- Good team player
- Willingness to travel in the region

To apply:

Applications in English, including a cover letter and detailed
curriculum vitae, should be sent to applications@admingroup.hu

Application deadline:  March 1, 2009

For more information about LGI, please see http://lgi.osi.hu .

OSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer which supports diversity and does
not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity,
nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.
 TM and Copyright  2005 Open Society Institute. All rights

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